Extreme HYDRO-X™ breaks new ground in the area of energy, exercise-related cramping protection and post-workout recovery. Extreme HYDRO-X™ provides a premium blend of Electrolytes, along with 1500 mg of Lactate, the body’s natural fuel source. Some published research indicates that Lactate is the body’s preferred and most efficient fuel source over glycogen. This key muscle fuel helps you lower exercise induced body acid, allowing your body to recover faster.*

Patented hydration technology, Sustamine™, is added to enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestines, stimulate glycogen synthesis (energy) and promote the synthesis (building) of muscle protein to help in the rebuilding and recovery of muscle tissue following exercise. SustamineTM is a patented, unique l-glutamine and l-alanine dipetide, to help the body rehydrate after grueling workouts so you feel stronger and fresher the next day.*

Supplement Facts

HYDRO-X facts

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