Welcome to Total Nutrition Visalia, Your #1 Supplements Super Store! 

You want: Better Supplements – Better Service – Better Results and TN Visalia delivers. We’re a locally owned and operated business located at 2135 W. Whitendale Ave. and S. Mooney Blvd. behind the 76 gas station.
(Blocks north of the Target shopping center!)

When you walk into our store, our goal is to be the opposite of a corporate chain nutrition store who push random products that may not fit your needs.

We have the best supplements that deliver the best results, period. That is what matters. Please come visit us, we’ll earn your business one interaction at a time!

We’re more than just a nutritional supplement store, we’re your partners in health!


Measure up with our Inbody Body Composition Analysis!


The Inbody measures your muscle mass, body fat, and water weight. Come in every 2 weeks to check your progress.


Analyze your Results; What is your goal?

We will track changes in muscle mass versus body fat. Are you getting the results you want? If not, lets find out why.


Our Staff Creates a Free Custom Meal Plan for YOU!

We listen to your needs to create a plan that works for your lifestyle, and help you track your progress!